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Intelligent Display System consists by Magic Glass, back office management system and projector. It has three main functions: making transparent display window. working for internet-ready advertisement

Functions & Characteristics

Difference from others
● Using high quality magic glass which come from Korea.
●WZ TECH chip is using in the projector which can present HD 1080P picture
●Wireless internet and controlling the broadcast are worked by using WZ Tech Chip
●Query ,order and monitoring allow operation in WZ TECH database

RESIDENTIAL: Never compromise design and aesthetics for heat management or privacy considerations. Transform existing windows into switchable privacy glass with our self adhesive film product.
COMMERCIAL: In office environments, glass walls encourage a sense of openness and help breakdown the divisions between management and staff. Keep it open and forget clunky blinds and drapes. Our switchable glass turns privacy mode on at a click of a button for conference rooms and offices. Use in hotels and restaurants to maximize space and privacy.
ADVERTISING: Transform store front windows with eye catching full motion graphics for a
fraction of the cost of LCD Displays. Turn large surfaces into dazzling show reels or create unique on/off transparency displays for show rooms, trade shows and exhibitions.
VARIOUS USES: Enjoy more applications on car, rail, marine, aviation windows. Maximize its
functions as using Magic Glass and SF for security, healthcare and hospitality purpose as well.